• Design and Creative Services
Web Site Creation
• Site Hosting/Mirror Server Service
• Record and Data Back-Up
• Sites are custom built to specification.
• Modular Features allow inclusion of only those features you require.

Additional functionality can be added as needed.
Features Include:

• Place Orders by Category
• Visible Shopping Chart
• Real-Time Inventory (optionally displayed or suppressed on screen)
• Photos and Descriptions of  Items Displayed on Screen

Address Book module offers user the ability to save entered addresses in address book
• Pop-up calendar module can be used for date entry and reference
• User or administrator is able to pre-populate address book with venue/event addresses

Order Tracking
Complete user order history available
• Online tracking information  provided with link to Carrier’s website (if applicable)
• Available E-mail confirmation service confirms receipt at time of order and again time of

Supervisory/Administrator Report Capabilities
• Authorized users will have access to reports
• Tiered security access to user data.  All access is password controlled and encrypted
• Ability to generate reports based upon multiple variables
• Ability to graph usage based upon multiple variables
• Detailed break-down of departmental costs (if applicable)

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