With the announcement of our new Do-It-Yourself Email program, we are excited to offer FREE EMAIL with any Direct Mail or Printing project! You will receive one (1) free email contact for every dollar spent on Direct Mail and Printing project. Call 212-924-4488 to get started!

*Further details are available below.

Apple Direct Mail Services Ltd.


Offer expires on September 15, 2010 and is subject to change without notice.

To qualify for free email, you must purchase direct mail products and/or services from Apple Direct Mail.

Quantity of Free Email is directly based upon value of products and services purchased from Apple Direct Mail.

For each one dollar spent with Apple Direct for direct mail products and services the user will be entitled one free email per month. Postage and freight charges are not included as part of this limited time offer. Email services are subscription based and require client to sign up on the AppleDirect-iContact website. Email is billed separately and independently from products and services provided by Apple Direct Mail. Fees for free email are reimbursed to clients via a credit on invoice for Direct Mail services. The quantity of free email is limited to 1 per dollar spent. Please note: Client may exceed the limit of the offer at their own expense.

Email services are limited to only those offered on the AppleDirect-iContact online site and are subject to iContact, Inc. rules and conditions.

Minimum invoice for Direct Mail Services from Apple Direct is $325.00.

Fees spent on email in accordance with offer will be credited on Apple Direct Mail invoice for Direct Mail goods and services.

Apple Direct reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time.

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