AppleDirect, The Market Leader in Direct Mail has partnered with iContact, The Market Leader in Email and Email Deliverability.

AppleDirect is pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with iContact.  Now you can design and distribute your digital newsletters, advertisements and announcements directly and easily with iContact via AppleDirect.

The full feature iContact site provides comprehensive features at competitive prices. 

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  • Send 500 Emails to up to 250 Contacts
  • Easy to Create, Send and Track Emails
  • Comprehensive Features
  • Free Technical Support
Why choose iContact via AppleDirect?

Get the absolute lowest pricing on iContact’s services.  Our alliance with iContact and purchasing power allows our customers to receive lower pricing than if you signed up directly with iContact. 
Easily upload your contacts from Microsoft Excel (.xls) to iContact’s database. Clients using Excel to store their contacts can start emailing their customers after a few easy steps.   
If you do not use Excel, you can easily upload your contacts to iContact using a variety of other formats.

  • With iContact via AppleDirect, you can easily create and send professional-quality email messages and newsletters - using your own designs or one of 270+ available templates.
  • iContact via AppleDirect messages consistently reach your customer's inbox - iContact's up-to-date software insures maximum deliverability - helping you to fully capitalize on your email communication efforts.

Monitor the effectiveness of your email by tracking recipient views, clicks, and more. Real-time performance graphs and tables simplify tracking.

Choose the email marketing solution that you can rely
on and trust. Use iContact via AppleDirect to engage,
inform, and retain your customers while maximizing your return.

*According to third-party company Pivotal Veracity

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Why Use Email Marketing?

Creating an Email List is Easy

  1. Have an Email Sign-up sheet prominently displayed in your business
  2. Ask people to sign up to receive special offers via Email and/or Direct Mail while you are processing their sales
  3. Call your contacts and tell them you would like to communicate with them via Email and/or Direct Mail
  4. Collect Email addresses on a newsletter sign-up page on your website (we can help you design this!)

Need more tips? Email us!

iContact via AppleDirect Features

iContact via AppleDirect has one of the best feature sets on the market - and one of the best price tags... With a fresh and streamlined user interface, iContact via AppleDirect offers a world-class email marketing solution.

Popular features include:
  • Message Scheduling
  • SpamCheck™
  • Open and Clickthrough Tracking
  • Bounce-back Handling
  • Subscription Management
  • Over 300 Templates Included
  • Integrated Surveying
  • Industry Leading Deliverability
Want to know more? Check out the full listing of iContact via AppleDirect features below:

Standard Features

• Mail-merge Personalization • Message Scheduling
• Forward-to-a-Friend • Assured CAN-SPAM Compliance
• Open and Clickthrough Tracking • Bounce-back Handling
• Subscription Management • Over 300 Templates Included
• SpamCheck™  

Advanced Features Included at No Additional Charge

• List Segmentation • Multiple Message Autoresponders
• Surveying Tool • RSS Feeds
• Exclusion Lists • History of Subscriber Actions
• Application Programming Interface (API) • Advanced Analytics
• Event Management • Industry Leading Deliverability
• iContact Community  

Full Listing of iContact Features

• Create and manage an unlimited number of lists • Use mail-merge to send personalized HTML or text email newsletters
• Compose and send emails from any computer with an Internet connection • Select from our sample HTML templates or use your own
• Create and use custom mail merge fields • 500MB of image hosting included to store commonly used images
• Create and manage an unlimited number of lists • A complete contact management and follow-up system
• Track how well your subscriber lists are retaining contacts via detailed reports • Complete list add/remove/sent statistics and activity reports
• Create your own sign-up form(s) to collect subscribers from visitors to your web site • Complete bounce-back email handling
• Easily import subscribers and contacts from any application or database • Event RSVP Management & Follow-up
• Subscribers manage subscription. No more manual removes and complete opt-out ability ensured • Complete list archive and subscriber reports
• View dates and addresses of user removals • Save your emails as drafts to send later
• Searchable database allows you to easily find and update subscriber information  
• List segmentation - divide your lists into smaller, targeted segments • Segment by any field or set of fields you have stored in your lists
• Easily save segments for future use • Segments dynamically update as additional people fit the segment criteria
• Create, send, and track the results of surveys sent to your customers and subscribers • Add an unlimited number of survey questions
• Customize your survey with your logo and color scheme • Ask multiple choice, yes/no, and open-response questions
• Real-time tracking data with responses and graphs • Export all data for further analysis
• Schedule emails to be sent in the future • Send personalized emails to each recipient using mail merge fields
• Resend archived messages without retyping • T3 connected servers deliver emails to your entire list quickly. No more waiting hours for delivery
• Send test emails to ensure professional, typo-free communications • Send to multiple lists at a single time
• Our exclusion list feature allows you to choose lists or segments who should not receive a specific message delivery  
• Complete message reporting including open and click-through tracking • View delivery, bounces, opens, clickthroughs, and unsubscribes for each message
• See who opened and clicked on which message • Export available of all reporting data
• Segment your list based on reporting results  
• Send automated messages to subscribers based on date or how long they subscribed • Create multiple day e-courses to educate your prospects and clients
• Create a follow-up campaign in advance to put your marketing on auto-pilot • Add an autoresponder sign-up form to your web site
• Keep your application up to date by synchronizing contacts and lists • Retrieve message statistics and subscriber behavior for additional insight
• Add a "Subscribe to Newsletter" option anywhere on your site • Deliver messages according to business rules managed by your applications
• Create custom reports in your applications  

Email Marketing: Affordable and Effective

Email Marketing is an affordable way to maintain contact with customers and website visitors... and with iContact via AppleDirect, you can try it out, with a functional trial account. Then, you can sign up for as low as $8.46 per month.  

iContact via AppleDirect’s package pricing give you access to email marketing, survey and autoresponder tools, in addition to 250+ available templates, e-classes, relevant news and information, instructional guides, and more.


Pricing Table:

If you upgrade to a Full Account, here is AppleDirect’s Special Discount Pricing that you will receive.

Monthly Pricing
Contacts iContact Monthly iContact via AppleDirect Monthly
250* $9.95 $8.46
500 $14.00 $11.90
1,000 $19.00 $16.15
2,500 $29.00 $24.65
5,000 $47.00 $39.95
10,000 $74.00 $62.90
15,000 $109.00 $92.65
25,000 $149.00 $126.65
35,000 $239.00 $203.15
50,000 $379.00 $322.15
75,000 $529.00 $449.65
100,000 $699.00 $594.15
Annual Pricing
Contacts iContact Annually iContact via AppleDirect Annually
250* $107.46 $91.34
500 $151.20 $128.52
1,000 $205.20 $174.42
2,500 $303.20 $257.72
5,000 $507.60 $431.46
10,000 $799.20 $679.32
15,000 $1,177.20 $1,000.62
25,000 $1,609.20 $1,367.82
35,000 $2,581.20 $2,194.02
50,000 $4,093.20 $3,479.02
75,000 $5,713.20 $4,856.22
100,000 $7,549.20 $6,416.82

Basic plans include sending up to six times your subscriber limit. 
*If you have up to 250 subscribers (contacts), you can send up to 6 emails to each subscriber totaling a maximum of 1500 emails sent per month.  

Please note: We do not sell nor do we allow the use of purchased lists with iContact. 

Custom services for high-volume senders, agencies, larger organizations or those looking for a more sophisticated, comprehensive marketing solution:

If your list exceeds 100,000 subscribers, if you send out more than 6 email messages per month, or if you're interested in premium email marketing services, call (212) 924-4488 x 17 or email

How Do I Achieve Optimal Results?

For maximum response rates, coordinate your email campaign with a direct mail campaign.  Email has been shown to be a very effective tool for maintaining communication with your best contacts, but has limitations for newer or intermittent contacts. 

Create brand familiarity with the email recipient by sending out a direct mail campaign prior to your coordinated email blast.  A high-quality, tangible mail piece establishes a relationship and legitimacy of your brand with the consumer, increasing the effectiveness and response rates of your email follow-up campaigns.

Coordinated Services


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